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Caorunn 10 Year
Switch Competition!
Bartenders, it's time to Switch things up.
Celebrate 10 years of Caorunn Gin by entering our competition for the opportunity of a lifetime.

You could win the chance to experience life behind some of the world’s coolest bars and raise your profile on an international scale.
Get ready for this year's
Caorunn Switch.
Meet the judges
Ryan Chetiyawardana
a.k.a My Lyan

Internationally renowned bartender

Paloma Alos

Managing Director, Difford's Guide

Gaz Regan

Acclaimed author, also known
as the Godfather of Cocktails

Simon Buley

Caorunn Gin Master

What the judges are looking for
Your 10 Year Switch cocktail must celebrate our Scottish heritage whilst embracing the influence of American culture. We’ll be looking for the following attributes:
1. Fusion of Scottish heritage and American influence through inventive use of ingredients, flavours and style.
2. Accentuating the character of Caorunn Gin by taking inspiration from at least one of our five Celtic botanicals.

{ Dandelion Leaf }

{ Bog Myrtle }

{ Heather }

{ Rowan Berry }

{ Coul Blush Apple }
3. Well-balanced and crafted taste profile delivering depth in every drop.
4. Distinctiveness of serve through visual appeal and creative presentation.
Timeline and key dates
18th March: Entry Opens
Online entry opens in the UK.

3rd May: UK online entry closes
All competition entries must be submitted by this date to be in with a chance of winning. Our judging panel will select the very best of online entries, and successful bartenders will be invited to attend a Regional Final.

20th - 31st May: Regional Finals
Regional finals held in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds. You will be asked to prepare and present your 10 Year Switch cocktail, and to share the inspiration behind your creation to our judging panel including Paloma Alos from Difford’s Guide, Caorunn Gin Master Simon Buley and a Guest Judge from the host bar. A winner from each Regional Final will be selected and announced on the night.

31st July: The International Final
The International Final will take place in New York City on 02/08/2019, where you will be one of ten bartenders competing from across the UK and USA.

Ahead of the International Final, you’ll develop and refine your 10 Year Switch cocktail, before preparing and presenting your final creation to a judging panel consisting of internationally renowned and one of the world’s most influential bartenders, Ryan Chetiyawardana (aka My Lyan), internationally acclaimed cocktail author, Gaz Regan, and Caorunn Gin Master, Simon Buley. The event will be a true celebration of Caorunn’s ten year anniversary, and will culminate in the announcement of our UK and USA 10 Year Switch champions.

The prize
As the UK 10 Year Switch champion, not only will your creation become the signature serve in the UK, you’ll also win a unique opportunity to live the life of your USA counterpart.

Your 10 Year Switch trip will include:

  • Return flights to the USA
  • Five nights accommodation
  • Guest shifts behind one of the USA’s coolest bars
  • An evening hosted by our brand ambassador experiencing the greatest bars
  • Chance to experience the very best your host town has to offer

Your experience will be amplified on our social platforms as you meet the people that shape and create the industry on both sides of the pond.
It’s time to switch things up!
Enter by 3rd May 2019

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* Depth in every drop. The Scottish Gin.
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